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Equal parts of he warheads will do a much better job than flak does im either think flak should get buffed either via stats or via how targetting works. Very efficient when dealing with groups of enemies. Its being shot at by the largest calibre flak cannon. However the patch buffed the damage a lot, and the armor damage and shredder perks got big buffs. Flak cannon red alert 3 command and conquer wiki fandom. From the depths is a physicsdriven warfare game from brilliant skies where players design and build their own.

Nov 02, 2015 from the depths is a voxel vessel building and fighting game in early access with surprising. Following the end of the second world war, the allied forces disarmed most of the soviet unions military arsenal as part of the peace treaty. Mini flak cannon primary weapons weapons game guide. Of course for a flying warship or something youd want a regular cannon that can deal with armor. Fires krogandesigned shells that burst into shrapnel upon impact. Lets jump into the campaign mode and fight all the people. How does one make an advanced cannon with a huge fire rate. Because of the splash damage, it is a great generalpurpose weapon shield and hull due to aiming with it being very easy. Rank 6 is unavailable to drack until his loyalty mission nakmor drack.

The flak cannon 55 is a primary weapon in everspace that fires projectiles which explode upon impact or reaching its maximum range. Aa flak cannon wtimed fuses from the depthsdevtest 1. As an experienced gamer and unreal tournament fan as in i have the whole collection, i know that the gaming flak cannon was and still is unreals baby and it continuesly remains to be endorsed by unreal. Customize your avatar with the flak cannon and millions of other items. Nov 27, 20 depends on what you mean by flak cannon, if you mean something like wwii 88cm flugzeugabwehrkanone flak, no. Each flak projectile temporarily removes a shield layer. The small cannon is inferior in every aspect except ammo cost and a slightly larger traverse.

An advanced cannon system consists of two main parts, the cannon itself, and ammunition production. A devastating weapon that shoots explosive bullets which will detonate near their targets dealing splash damage. Flak cannon red alert 2 command and conquer wiki fandom. Flak cannon is amazing now i always thought it was a decent power with the stun perk pre patch but it was mostly for utility and crowd control.

The flak cannon image ps07 mod for halflife mod db. Next, we have nicks cluster missiles, a new feature in from the depths which i have. Antiaircraft warfare or counterair defence is defined by nato as all measures designed to. After you made a shot, wait couple seconds so it can. My flak cannon is weak from the depths general discussions. This is the soviet flak cannon from red alert 2 download here please diamond the project if you like it downloaded it. This rof increase turned out for the better, as the turret lacks the aoe of. Thats a moderately heavy cannon already, for rapid fire id suggest going with 3040mm at most. Missiles and other nonbullet projectiles such as guard lions bulletspawning fireball are not removed by vortexes spawned by this ability. Hell, even the ut2004 flak cannon had that loading arm, retaining its design cues from ut99. Id like ut4 to take its flak cannon inspirations from ut99 or 2004, as that really hit the nail on the head for what many consider what an unreal tournament flak cannon should be.

Flak cannon primary weapons weapons game guide hawken. The official wiki guide for from the depths, written and maintained by the players. Here youll find information about the dangerous skills used in mass effect andromeda. Flak weapons fire waste debris in a shotgunlike blast. Dualpurpose laser and ball turrets adv aa solutions from the depths devtest1. In general, the primary fire launches flak shell shards, and the secondary fire launches a flak shell bomb. Lathland made a huge flak turret that is capable of killing dwg bikes and dusters in aote, but the gauge on them had to be massive and the turret had to be triplebarreled. Instead of a single large cannon, the flak cannon used two smaller caliber cannons that happened to result in a much higher rate of fire. The nerf of the flak cannon has made it very uncommon in multiplayer, in favor for other weapons such as the witch impaler.

Shrapnel damage is reduced against armored enemies. After cataclysm is a mod created for the voxelbased game from the depths or. It is the strongest ballistic pd weapon in the game. An incredible 56 bombers were destroyed or crippled by flak during a b17 raid on merseburg in november of 1944. The following page lists all of the cheat codes for the different unreal games. It loads 1m long shells and gets approximately 150 rpm of fire. Flak weapons use area targeting, making them less accurate at hitting the targeted room especially a small room. Using a flak cannon to destroy a swordfish airship. It summons a yellow reticle at the cursors location that deals constant damage to any enemy within it, piercing infinitely. Swedish bofors 40mm antiaircraft gun mounted overlooking a beach in algeria, manned by a united states antiaircraft artillery crew.

From the depths s2 ep 9 stationary flak aa cannon ashes of the empire campaign. We are currently maintaining 1,212 pages 380 articles. Feb 17, 2016 using a flak cannon to destroy a swordfish airship. Please use this namespace, flak cannon, for the canon article per wookieepedias canon policy. It has exceptional antimissile and antifighter capability, beaten in its category only by the dual flak cannon. It is great at taking down link drones from outlaw drone carriers, as well as mining resource deposits quickly.

German flak accounted for 50 of the 72 raf bombers lost over berlin on the night of march 24th, 1944. A flak cannon is a weapon that fires shells that explode nearby their target to inflict shrapnel damage to the target. One of these was the sam site, which was the first antiair missile developed in history. It can deal a lot of damage up close, but its high spread keeps it from being effective at medium to long range. A flak shell which misses can still detect targets and blow up in midair when it thinks it is as close to them as possible, dealing splash damage to the exterior components. Advanced cannon flak from the depths general discussions. Ive got it using gcgcgcgcflakflakflakflaktimed fusecomposite headfor speed with a laser targeter. The flak cannon is a type of soviet antiaircraft emplacement. Once all shields are down, flak can hit rooms and deal system, hull, and crew damage.

Flak, or fliegerabwehrkanone, works by arming artillery class cannons for the use of antiair duties. It is an improved shotgun, trading damage output for more rounds in a clip and increased rate of fire. They include surface based, subsurface submarine launched, and airbased weapon systems, associated sensor systems, command and control arrangements and passive measures e. One is a straightup ahead shell, with a bunch of shrapnel charges with a 180. Flak cannon formerly 2,000 genres scifi gear attributes ranged weapon description designed for advanced players, this weapon is extremely powerful if you get the timing just right. The weapon also has a smaller spread rate than the flak cannon, increasing its effective range. It was widely used by germany throughout the war and was one of the most recognized german weapons of that conflict. A topoftheline cannon will cost between 50,000 and 70,000 rp.

Flak cannon is a limited unique gear published in the. At that point it feels like the only advantages 6a has over b is that it looks prettier and that the damage isnt timegated. The incorporation of the improvements of the ffs in a new antiaircraft gun produced, in 1938, the oerlikon ss. So, i spent an evening trying to perfect a good antiflyer shell. It doesnt even put a dent in an aurora before my boat gets cored out. Jan 07, 20 hydra flak tank is produced on hundreds of forge worlds across the imperium and is widelyused in nearly every regiment. Ill deal with the gun setup later i used to make a good twin 3incher auto, but cant anymore, somewhy and in the meanwhile i am pondering the contents of the shell. For aa antifighterbomber, at least youd want more powder and possibly a timed fuse and frag or flak warhead so you can deal with fast moving targets. Currently i have 6 points in flak, incinerate at 5 with burn and impact, 4 in turbocharge but im only level 17. Advanced cannon shell discussion thread with the introduction of the advanced system, theres a lot of new parts out there with not much info, so id like to ask you, members of r fromthedepths, what is your shell layout for what kind of purpose. For the multiplayer version, see flak cannon multiplayer.

The flak kraken is a unique craftable hardmode ranged weapon. Similarly to other weapons such as the phantasm, the flak kraken will spin up the longer the fire button is held, increasing its damage per second and area of effect. The flak cannon fires a burst of eight flak rounds at once. Hydra flak tank papercraftsquare free papercraft download. The flak cannon was revised due to the temporal manipulation of anatoly cherdenko. Historically, flak cannons have been used against flying targets which are harder to hit, however are fragile due to being made of light components and as such are still susceptible to this type of weaponry. The puppet premier romanov had decided to secretly rearm the soviet military and, exploiting. On the multiplayer weapons console the silver flak cannon appears as the silver consecrator. The hydra, like many other imperial military vehicles, is based on the chimera armoured personnel carrier chassis, and is armed with a hydra flak cannon. Upgrade the flying machine to enhance it with more damage. Launches projectiles that split on impact and then airburst into shrapnel to carve an aftermath of destruction. Search, discover and share your favorite flak cannon gifs. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other giant bomb users.

So i got distracted, then the whole episode became about building a cannon. Ftd flak is not actual flak its more like a widearea antimissile munition for aps cannons. I have been building a flak cannon recently and after adding cooling guages and adjusting the firerate barrel count i decided to test it again and ran into this. So youve recently purchased from the depths or your looking for tips. For more mass effect andromeda content, head over to our andromeda top page.

The flak cannon, an upsized version of the same weapon used on the bullfrog, can spit out impressive amounts of flak. A yellowish weapon in the unreal series of video games that shoots out either a spread of metal shrapnel or a single bomb with a smiley face painted on it that explodes in metal shrapnel. The flak cannon is a medium ballistic point defense weapon that does areaofeffect fragmentation damage. If someone is making a lot of air units, use flying machines to attack them.

Im pretty sure that flak cannon spawns between 810 bomblets by default, maybe 12, so youre adding between 4 and 6 extra submunitions with 6a. Id considered thatthat the flak cannons were intended to be aimed individually rather than fired as a batterybut it just seemed a little contrary to how theyre typically used the flavor of blanket barrage is pretty much exactly what youd use something like that for, and it seemed unnecessary to have eight of them. Meshes vertpoly flak cannon 4315 8090 flak cannon baseless 2078 3938 towerbase 2241 4152. Dwg has some of the cheapest and slowest stuff in the game, but things like the squirrel and shrike seem almost invulnerable to flak guns. Contribute to claydotioflakcannon development by creating an account on github. The mini flak cannon is similar to the flak cannon, but with lower damage output and a higher rate of fire. Just any suggestions from the community so i can make some decent aa shells, it could be flak or he or just straight armor pericing rounds with fragmentation that have a tremendous fire rate, just anything that is most effetive against air units. Flying machines also act as detectors for invisible units. Oct 28, 2015 the flak seems sort of weak as compent. Flak cannon is a combat skill usable by nakmor drack. On activation, flak cannon deploys a cluster of bulletdestroying flak about a point 2. Compared to the flak cannon, it actually fires three times as fast, but each shot does only 75% of the damage for a net 2.

Since i havent played regularly since about earlyish 2015, im completely lost with these advanced cannons. View the mod db ps07 mod for halflife image the flak cannon. This is the equation to find the rpm of an advanced cannon, this value should be set in the main firing piece to prevent the gun from burst firing. Originally designed as a mining implement, the flak cannon was pressed into service by revolting miners.

With a high rate of fire, and alternate targeting modes, the flak cannon is the ultimate defence against air assults. Added a configurable maximum muzzle velocity to cram cannons. Flak cannon skill mass effect andromeda samurai gamers. A weapon used by the military to fill the skies with shrapnel and.

Antiaircraft warfare or counterair defence is defined by nato as all measures designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action. Aug 30, 2016 flak, or fliegerabwehrkanone, works by arming artillery class cannons for the use of antiair duties. Advanced cannon categories from the depths youtube. Flak as we know it the exploding ordinance variety works by using fuses. Apr 12, 2020 he was promoted to general of flak artillery on march 1, 1945, and ended the war as the general of the flak arm at okl, the high command of the luftwaffe. I know its not exactly what youre requesting but figured id offer anyway. The total damage incinerate does is really high for a power on a 10 second cooldown. However, a single large cannon may be more vulnerable to damage. Search, discover and share your favorite flak gifs. Search in titles only search in ut weapon wip only. If you want an actual flak cannon, youll want to go with frag warheads. Any aircraft that flies within the flak cannons range tends to turn into a mangled heap of burning metal, though more armoured aircraft may last longer against the hail of metal fragments. Apr 07, 2017 this is a mass effect andromeda skills page on the flak cannon skill.

Also, i feel the flak cannon should have an area of effect fuse. A variant of the flak cannon, this weapon has a much higher fire rate, but at the expense of decreased damage, range, and increased spread. Nov 03, 20 as of live stream 17 the flak cannon was introduced as an upcoming weapon. Let be the number of autoloaders attached to the firing piece and be the number of faces of the autoloader with a clip attached.

Want to be notified of new releases in claydotioflakcannon. It is present in all unreal games with the exception of unreal ii. If nothing happens, download the github extension for visual studio and try again. Advanced cannons, or advanced projectile systems aps, are even more customizable than cram cannons, at the cost of maximum shell size.

If i could have my ai set to aim in the general direction of the plane it could be more useful but as it currently stands he is just better for aa based weapons. Flak cannon that can be mounted on a land based or water based vehicles. This one isnt emerging from warp drive although ftd does have warp drives. From the depths s2 ep 9 stationary flak aa cannon ashes of. I see the flak exploding around them and supposedly i have a 20m flak radius but they just cruise on through like nothing is happening. Not really a tutorial, but has some info that i hope. The dual flak cannon is a medium point defense weapon with areaofeffect fragmentation damage. The 128mm flak 40 consisted of two barrels 3 ft apart on a single mounting. I built a flak gun that can kill any aircraft in almost any nation outside the scarlet dawn and dwg. The cannon was fully automatic and effective against aircraft flying at altitudes up to 4,200 m. This is a mass effect andromeda skills page on the flak cannon skill. Flak typically refers to the antiaircraft fire coming at one from antiaircraft guns, derived during world war ii from the german flugabwehrkanone, for aircraft defence cannon in turn derived from flugabwehrgeschutz flag. Ive got it using gcgcgcgc flak flak flak flak timed fusecomposite headfor speed with a laser targeter. One large cannon will generally put out more firepower for its cost than multiple small cannons if both are welldesigned.

Although the pellet moves amazingly fast, the small size of the pellet prevents it from penetrating the victim to the people behind. The flak cannon fires medium a56 rounds with incineray tips which explode on impact giving a huge boost to armor penatration. If you are on mobile, then try requesting the mobile version of the site. Firing piece is the core block of the cannon itself.

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