Make wreath from book pages

Made with a cardboard frame and pages from a book, this diy wreath is so simple to make, yet gives any room in your home a stunning accent piece that everyone will love. I prefer to tear the pages instead of cutting them, as the torn edges add to the charm of this wreath. I am a lover of old books and words printed on almost anything so it was a given that i would fall in love with this book page wreath when i saw it on the internet. Dec, 20 id just seen a book page wreath on the shabby creek cottage so when i found this old book in my donate pile, i knew i could make my own book page wreath. How to make a paper wreath from book pages christmas mosaic. If you click a link on our site and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. How to make a book page wreath, and more book art ideas.

How to make a dahlia book page wreath a wonderful thought. For this craft, we chose the handy arrow tr400ws glue gun kit, which allowed for easy access to glue sticks and glue gun from the handy kit workstation for this glueintensive project. Very artsy and perfect decoration for the book lover. That way, i was able to add a second piece of twine through that one, to use as a hanger. Then i made a plan to create a book page wreath for my home.

In developing the party theme of vintage books, burlap and lace, i made this book page wreath for her door. The first step is to cut up the pages of your book into squares. I used about 150 sheets, 7 inches by 5 inches, to cover the wreath form. There are several book page wreaths out there for inspiration. An easy diy craft tutorial idea for beautiful home decor that you can display all year long.

Once i got the hang of it, it only took me about 15 minutes to make each wreath. How to make paper hearts from old book pages fabulessly frugal. To start, i made a leaf stencil on card stock by simply drawing a leaf in the size i imagined a magnolia. Next, remove the inner circle of the mason jar lid, you only need the outer ring. Diy luscious wreath made from old book pages the spice. Burlap wired ribbon about 4 feet glue gun optional. I love creating decor pieces out of unusual objects obviously. Using a pencil, roll your book page from one corner to the next to make a tube.

That book tree you listed is very festive too may have to try it. Dec 02, 2014 an old book or two, for a total of at least 330 pages which comes to 165 sheets of paper. Feb 06, 2020 join us for our special pages from a book. Nov 24, 2012 christmas decorating christmas wreath old book pages. Hold the page horizontally and fold it in thirds lengthwise. It is always better to estimate higher than you think. It probably took me a just over an hour to make this entire wreath while we watched a christmas movie last night. In the spirit of recycling used and unwanted items, here is a tutorial of how to make a paper wreath from book pages.

Wrap the paper around the eraser side of the pencil with the eraser in the center of the circle. How to make a book page paper wreath the crafty blog stalker. With the page still folded in thirds, fold the page in half the short way, and use the hole punch to create a hole above the fold. Trim the bottom edges by folding the ribbon in half and cutting at about a 45degree angle across the folded ribbon from the bottom of the outer edges up toward the center. The book is a book of poems by keats, however it is falling apart and some pages are missing. Youll be blown away with these things to make with paper that are perfect if youre wondering what to do with an old book page. Jan 02, 2017 my friends vicki and jenn used ribbon to make a similar wreath, you can see theirs here. I wrapped a piece of seam binding around, left a loop for hanging, then glued it down around the cardboard circle. Jan, 2018 thats when i decided i would create an easy diy book wreath with a custom sign i created years ago. With a wreath form, hot glue fun, an old book and a little bit of time and patience, you too can make a book page wreath for your home. Nov 14, 20 last year i made a rather large book page wreath to hang over our mantel. Nov 21, 2011 ive been looking for the perfect book page wreath to make because i have a damaged antique book with beautiful gold leafed pages.

Everybody has already posted how to make a book page wreath all over blogworld, but im in a creative slump, so i thought id just do something anything just to get my juices flowing again. After seeing lots of pictures of them all over and loving the look of them, i decided it was time to make one. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Apr 11, 2014 mine measures about 2 feet from end to end. How to make a book page wreath celebrate every day with me. I love using up something that would otherwise be trash, and this is a great example of how you can turn trash to treasure in no time. Nov 23, 2015 start out by tearing your book pages from your book. My version of the book page wreath satori design for living. Now, i understand that you may not wish to destroy a book for a christmas decoration. A great way to add to your home decor on a small budget. I estimated that i would need roses but got tired and impatient.

Jun 10, 2019 how to make a paper wreath using pages from a vintage book. Dec 03, 2010 how to make a rolled bookpage wreath i cant remember when i first saw an example of this kind of wreath, but i do know ive been wanting to make one ever since. Put a dot of hot glue on the piece of paper and glue it onto the wreath form and begin to fill in the entire wreath with all of these scrunched scalloped circles. When i first decided on this project i thought i would make a full book page wreath. This is actually the back of your wreath and will make sense as we proceed. I made the cones, did a dab of hot glue to make them stick together, then hot glued them onto the cardboard. Make a heart wreath event where book lovers will be able to make a beautiful heart shaped wreath out of book pages. Make a huge impact for pennies with this tutorial for a rolled book page wreath. This wreath is rustic, easy to make, and so versatile. If you want to add interest to your wreath, try painting just the edges of the book pages and let them dry before you start folding them. This is why the paper cutter makes it easier, you can whip through these squares pretty quick.

I used 55 book pages for this wreath, so thats a good number to start with for a 9 inch wreath form. I cut the pages in half since i was using a smaller wreath base. Today i am going to share the tutorial of how to make this simple wreath from an old book. Christmas decorating christmas wreath old book pages. I love how this wreath turned out and how its not too halloweeny. Book page wreath made in 3 easy steps sparkles of sunshine. Join me as i make a farmhouse book page heart wreath inspired by the diy mommy. The book page wreath has been around forever, but its usually made with the pages rolled into a cone shape often referred to as the dahlia wreath. I also really like the gallery shelves in the final picture. This back row helps cover the foam core and gives it some. I also love that fact that is a very cheap diy project to make. This book page paper wreath tutorial is the first diy home decor item ive made this spring and it is a dollar store craft.

While those are quite beautiful, i wanted to try something different. Diy luscious wreath made from old book pages the spice of life. To hang the wreath, just tie some twine or clear fishing line, thats it. Secure this layer staggering placements between the cones of your first layer. Sep, 2015 how to make a wreath out of book pages by angela chavez. Halloween wreath made from book pages live laugh rowe. Book page wreath tutorial how to make a book page wreath. I love decorating my home for the holidays, but i dont do a lot of decorating the rest of the year. Mar 16, 2020 i am absolutely in love with this origami old book page wreath. This diy book page wreath is a great accent to any room, and you can repurpose a discarded book. May 31, 2016 book pages are such a fun crafting material that are cheap and easy to use. Nov 18, 2014 it was super exciting and i was honored to help her with the book launch party.

Folding paper into shapes is such a great way to turn something drab to fab. Jan 03, 2017 my husband is an art teacher and i have seen him do cool projects with book pages which then inspired to use the pages from the book to make a paper magnolia wreath. Sep 16, 2011 this video demonstrates how to make a wreath with the pages torn from an old book. Carefully tear or cut pages out of the book you are using. The folds of the pieces on this wreath add depth and give it real character.

Cut two lengths of burlap ribbon to go from the top of the wreath to just touch the bottom. Im not sure if i like this wreath or my easy book page wreath better. Next, i placed cones made from the full size book page to make 4 quadrants north, south, east, west. I attached the twine with hot glue, but only in sections. I love that this rolled book page wreath makes such a big decorative impact, but it barely costs anything. The tip junkie creative community has 105 pictured tutorials with free patterns for things to make out of. I just think its such a creative use of materials, and a stunning result to boot. Diy old books old book crafts book page crafts recycled books book page art book art old book pages how to make wreaths crafts to make. Last year, i made a spring wreath with a cute little bird and some bunting on it. I have wanted to make a dahlia book page wreath for a while. If youre like me, consider making a smaller wreath.

Then you start rolling and gluing the pages into rolls. Continue gluing them all the way around the circle. Or use an old book and add a burlap bow for a vintage look. How to make a book page wreath the shabby creek cottage. It will look beautiful on your door year round, but with a quick change of ribbons, you can make it a special holiday wreath. The size of your wreath will determine how many roses you will need. Craft projects made out of recycled book pages including gifts, home decor, party decorations, and embellishments. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. This will depend on the size of the wreath form you use, and also how big of a book you decide to rip pages from. Mar 22, 2020 i have fallen in love with this old book page wreath. You could also use this technique to create a wreath using magazine pages, comic book pages, or even tissue paper or construction paper. Continue gluing the pages around the base to create your first layer of the wreath. When i needed a wreath this year i decided to use old book pages to create one that could stay up long after the holidays were over.

X 2 then, crumble them around a pen or a marker to give it the ruffled look. Gently scrunch each page in your hand to add fullness to the paper, figure 1 and then open the pages flat. After taking down my winter wreath, i had a bare spot on my wall. Dec 04, 2014 i bought a wreath from her thats made out of an old copy of pride and prejudice and i love it my other favorites from her were simple glass ball ornaments that she covered in strips of book pages.

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